The Reunion All Nighter
13th November 10pm - 6am @ Heaven
As soon as more information becomes available it will be posted here and on the Facebook page
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Dubbed the Timothy Leary of the e-generation, founding Zippie and grandfather of Luminopolis, Fraser Clark, has recently been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and his time within this reality zone is possibly drawing to a close. A special one-off Megatripolis event will be held as a fundraiser for his much needed medical care.
For a more detailed overview, pictures and video see The megatripolis event on Facebook

Starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.
Heaven Night Club, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, UK,  Map

£8.00 at the door
To buy advance online tickets or make a donation for Frazers Treatment visit AccessAllAreas or
Order over the phone Tel: 02072678320 and 02072676148

Physical Tickets from:
Access All Areas - 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF
Inspiral Lounge – 250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, NW1 8QS

The Line-up

The main room . . . . Cathedral dancefloor

DJ‘s playing Shamanic + Mega –T classics only.

22:00 - 23:30 Darius Akasaic (Original Resident)
23:30 - 01:00 Richard Gray (Original Resident)
01:00 - 01:30 A miracle on the dance floor?
Everyone who wishes will gather on the main Heaven dance floor to Love bomb the man who started it all.
01:30 - 04:00 Marco Arnaldi  (Original Resident)
04:00 - 05.30 Nic The Record (Played a lot !)
05.30 - 06.30 All the above DJ’s will play back to back.

2nd room . . . . Ambiant Cauldron
Hosts: Inspiral and Luminopolis (formerly known as The Synergy Project)

The Magic Cauldron of Creation invites you to a soiree of creative expressions with many of our artists linking back to the days of Megatripolis

With Contributions from

Solarquest and Friends
Sandra the Dancer
Organismic aka Rhythm of Space
Precious RGB's AV set
What's her Name - the word on the pavement
Darren Sangita sounds
A triple back to back set from Giani (Synergy), Aliji (InSpiral) and Zak(Luminopolis)
A Jam by the Binky Bonk Collective
and poetic contributions by Lee Harris with tails from the grove

Further Visual Delights by
Billy Tantric

Deco by
Liquid Drops - Little Green Planet
Shiva Monkey

3rd room . . . . Techno Silence Suite
Hosts: Jeff ("JeffMan") Laster, Alex Lee and Alex Fisher (Original TSS Hosts)

Megatripolis forever tribute

A Celebration of the life and ideas of Fraser Clark, one of the first people to recognise the synergy arising from combining New Age consciousness with Rave culture.
As Western Capitalism flounders, will the New Shamanarchic Paradigm come to the fore and a more loving, harmonious, inner-travelling and non-competitive world come into being in our lifetime? Did the old hippy get it right?!

A MEMORY WALL will be created on the night, so please bring images, flyers etc from past events.

Friends, colleagues and allies of Fraser will talk about his influence on their lives and ideas. Audience contribution encouraged.

Kate Magic will talk about her forthcoming book 1988: The Untold Story of a Revolution, focusing on her chapter on Fraser.

THEATRE: Performances from Neil Oram's The WARP and Fraser's MEGATRIPOLIS@FOREVER RAVE HOPERA.

POETRY: Poets will recite poems related to Fraser's life, work and person.

FILM: A surprise film première with a shamanic theme; Expect to go on a journey!

CONNECTIONS: All night we'll be meeting, RE-CONNECTING, networking, and, dare we say it, loving each other.

Fraser Clark. (Health allowing)
Sionaidh K. - co-founder Megatripolis
Neil Oram - Writer of The Warp
Kate Magic - Rave Author: '88 the Untold Story
Mark Heley - Organiser/Conceptualiser: Sunrise, WaveForm Festivals
BuddhaField - Buddhist Meditative Guides
Paradox - Poet Extraordinaire
Niall McDevitt - Poet Extraordinaire
SpaceGirl - Poet Extraordinaire
John 'The Crow' Constable - Visionary Mystic/Playwright/Poet
Yogi G./Gina Feitelson - Actress/Comedian
George O'Gurdjieff - Spiritual Teacher
Katee Kaos - Southwark Mysteries

Supporting Performers:
Caress - StoryTeller Supreme
Brian Barritt - Author/Muse to Tim Leary
James Hamilton - Writer/Encyclopaedia Psychedelica
Dom Spiral - Synergy/Inspiral Founder
Lyn Lovell RainBow Circle/Rainbow Family Focaliser
Raga - All Arounder
Lee Harris - Alchemy/Homegrown founder
Jaunt-E - Superdog
RainBow Lizzy - Muse

4th room.... Room 23
Hosts: Alistair & Debs

Mix Master Morris
Foolish Felix (Slack)
Eddy Lovechocolate  (Mega-T opening night DJ)
Ron Speed (Piston Tec and ex-megatripolis admin)
Full Line-up TBC
Megatripolis In the Press

NEWSWEEK - “Clark espouses a philosophy that attempts to unite the spontaneous and flexible aspects of the hippy right brain with the logical pragmatic left. There’s an aura of 21st century tribalism; a dash of Mad Max mixed with a Robert Bly retreat in the midst of a hippie love-in.”

- “Dubbed the ‘Timothy Leary of the E Generation’, Clark has helped alter the development of a whole subculture. He grabbed the new youth Rave cult by the scruff of the neck and pumped it full of hippy idealism.”

- “Beneath the funhouse evangelist lays a great freak, wily and openhearted. He knows that when you put loud repetitive beats, space-age synthesizer doodles, psychedelics and dancing bodies together, you not only engineer ecstasy, you set up the potential emergence of radically different models of self and community”

- “Though possessed of an Honours degree in Psychology from one of Britain’s most ancient seats of learning, Clark dances as well - and nearly as much - as he talks, and often when he talks”

- “Many drop out only to drop in again. Not Fraser Clark. He has kept the faith and his time has come. He is that rare type, the idealist who has cradled his dream, biding his time, awaiting planetary conjunctions, and then acted upon it”

- “Mr Clark is lord of the new techno-shamanism. Such cybernetic celebrities as Timothy Leary, Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow and Ken Kesey have expressed support for the Clark gospel.”

- “Clark possesses an almost childlike sincerity, that of a born-again pagan who’s seen the future in the flicker of a disco ball. He’s looking to bootstrap the hedonic bliss and communal vibe of the rave party into a mass movement for planetary awakening. For all the media high jinks, Fraser Clark is tapping a genuine desire by people to gather and reach for something larger than themselves”

- “Eloquent, friendly, and endearingly upbeat.”

- “Crank up the music. Spread Peace and Love. Plug into the Internet and meet the Zippies, a cyber-rave, altered states kind of movement led by shamanic zippy elder Fraser Clark”

VSD magazine (France)
- “Between Yoga, Dollars, the Road, LSD, Ibiza, India and California, Clark explored everything before discovering the pleasures of technology and creating the Zippy.”

OUTSIDE magazine/Rolling Stone (US
) - “We reporters are drawn to the peculiar energy of the zippies like helpless thumping moths. Newsweek is here, Life, Rolling Stone, Spin, Paris Match, the BBC, and several German magazines. A couple of know-it-all photojournalists work the periphery, manically narrating the scene like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now. ‘We’re witnessing history here’ one of them says, dead earnest. ‘Years from now we’ll tell our kids: Yeah, I was there - I was with the Zippies’. A 51 year old Dionysius with a look on his face that says something sneaky is afoot and he’s at the centre of it, Clark moves with a studied languor as though he’s providing clues to the zeitgeist with every facial tic and gesture. “‘I’m just a guy’ the happy impresario told one reporter, adding helpfully, ‘Jesus was just a guy too, of course’ He wants to perform a cultural marriage to bring together two heretofore separate tribes - the techno heads of US rave culture with the good old fashioned hippies - in an unstoppable new super tribe. ‘It would send a message to the world’s leaders: New Scene in town! No more bullshit!’ Must have a permit, the officers demand. Bollocks, Clark amiably replies.”

- “Fraser Clark, editor of Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, the magazine that first identified the ‘hippies with zip’, is the shamanic zippie spokesperson for a loose-knit movement of people who aim to change the world - while having the best time of their lives”

- “The most radical musical invasion of America since the Beatles and the Stones first kicked up the shit 30 years ago.”

- “Gaunt, long-haired Scotsman Clark spearheaded Megatripolis in London which became ground zero for zippydom.”

CLUBLIFE (San Francisco)
“Fraser is a trouble making zippy instigator/ fun loving zippy prankster depending how you look at it.”
“Deep down this man is a teacher, a spokesman and advocate for the modern urban neopagans who has dedicated his life to the spread of archaic consciousness, specifically through the Youth Culture, which he sees as our last hope for planetary survival. Like their ancestors and most current mathematicians and physicists, Zippies have abandoned organised rules of logic in favour of reality hacking - riding the waves, watching for trends, keeping an open mind, and staying connected to the flow. For the Zippy, exploration itself is a kind of understanding, and the process of exploring is the meaning of life.” Douglas Rushkoff: Cyberia (Harper Collins)
“Clark is marketing himself as a pop guru. He’s saying: ‘What’s at stake here isn’t just a new thing for the kids to wear this summer; what’s at stake is a change in evolutionary consciousness.’” Kodwo Eshun, music editor Modern Review
“Clark has tried to draft an ideology on to the British subculture. I see him doing something really unexpected.” Matthew Collin, former editor i-D magazine
“Zippy means affirmation. It’s not against anybody. It’s for life, youth, the individual, the psychedelic vision and the immediacy of feeling.” Terence McKenna